Birthday by Surprise

It was pleasant surprise to wake up this morning to find that today marks Carrot Cake’s effective 9th birthday. I hadn’t even been expecting it, yet now I’m faced with reflecting on almost ten years of keeping this little website chugging along. Maybe next year I’ll do a full retrospective, but for now it’s enough to just enjoy how far I’ve come in those years.

And figured I ought to start sharing my work from this semester as I’m beginning to wrap up my projects now. First, the ‘Five Hours’ brief where we had to create a moving image piece in response to our observations recorded by sitting in one place for five hours. I sat by the Bristol harbour, outside a Cafe, and it was a lot of fun to recreate the things I noted and experienced over that time. I was so happy to return to making a more traditional animation, having not created one in so many years. It’s difficult to wrap up those five hours in just sixty seconds, but here I give it my best shot – so enjoy! The piece does contain strong language, albeit muffled and hard to decipher.

Picture Sound

Over the summer, we were tasked to create a one minute sound piece that represented our summer. We then swapped sounds and had to create a thirty second, abstract visualisation of the sound, using only three colours. This was a great excuse for me to return to Flash and do a bit of animating, for the first time in years. It was great fun to make, and allowed me to play with both tweening and frame-by-frame animation. I received so much positive feedback from my peers for this one – it was a fantastic feeling to know that my animation work is still enjoyed.

I’ll be returning to animation to complete one of my next projects, where I recreate pieces of my experience observing a single area in Bristol for five hours.