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10th of May marked the very last day I would have to produce work as part of my University course. I had a verbal examination the following Friday, and am now a ‘free’ man. It’s been strange hearing all the different thoughts and feelings from my peers in the same shoes. It’s certainly a time of celebration and relaxation, at least for now. Some feel liberated, scared, excited. I think I just feel comfortable. I feel as though I’m where I always wanted to be. It’s been nice to not worry about deadlines or late deliveries, but at the same time there’s work I’m eager to start. I’ve told myself to take another week off before really settling into my planned projects – afterall, I still have my course’s publication launch event, and our degree show and graduation, that I need to attend and prepare for. So it’s not over yet, but the work is done.

And that work that was done was good, I hope. I felt confident handing it in, as my largest and most cohesive project I’ve made to date. It’s be a turbulent ride. ‘Kingdom Ka’, if you missed it, is still available to download and play for a few more weeks – completely free. I’m immensely proud of it, and will be pushing it forward alongside, Crossing to the Cold Valley, over the next few months.

There’s still books to read, films to see and people to catch up with. Not to mention people still to cheer on, as they finish their course later than mine. But yes, I feel comfortable.

Over the next six months, Carrot Cake will be my focus. I’m exciting to begin finally moving it away from a blog and portfolio, and into a brand and developer. This blog will become more of a scrapbook, development log type-deal as I take it forward. I hope you’ll stick with me. There have been many promises in the past about how I’ll be ‘relaunching’ and breathing new life into the blog. Promises are dangerous things to make, so don’t take this as one. But if there was ever a time that Carrot Cake would grow – it would be now.

For now, I’ll be giving things a bit of a sweep up around here, and update the portfolio page with everything I have.

Stay tuned.