Kingdom Ka #1 – New Beginnings

It’s been a while! And in that while the holidays and the new year have already flown by, and we found ourselves in the last part of Winter. I’ve no doubts that this year will represent a permanent shift. Certainly no part of my time in education has flown by as fast as the last three years. As things conclude in the Summer, I’ll be turning my efforts towards entirely personal projects that I’ve been excited to start work on for a number of years, as well as my freelance work.

But, as they say, summer is so close but also so far. Before then I’ll be completing my single largest body of work to conclude my time at University. It’s daunting and exciting. A few weeks have already passed me by, but I feel confident I’ve been productive. With nothing but my project on ‘Awakenings’ to complete now, it’s very theraputic to return to a fresh mindset, not dissimilar to where I found myself last year with Crossing to the Cold Valley.

I’ll be returning to Visionnaire to build another interactive designed piece. ‘Game’? Maybe. But I’ve been hesitant to describe my idea as a ‘game’ when there really isn’t anything to play. Following my investigation into Buddhism and Awakenings, I will be creating a piece where you are invited to explore a digital, fictional, ‘spiritual kingdom’ that will be mapped and made. Every corner will feature a new story, concept, conversation or imagery to consider. It will be experimental, but I’ll be working hard to not let that turn people away.

Kingdom Ka at its core is designed to be something to bring to light many ideas and states of mind to the user – parituclarly that of focusing on their own body, their selves, and their finite life. That said, there’s nothing I want less than the piece to be labelled as New Age, or (on the other end of the spectrum) cynical.

Death and rebirth will be keen topics, but explored in ways that feel contemporary and tangible. That’s the biggest challenge – making the piece feel relevant today. Because so much of life and death within religions is not, in itself, religious, but is still ignored or been made taboo. I think above everything, the piece will be a celebration of the cycle of life, and the importance of ‘living in the now’.

I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks both collating stories, writing music and defining an art style. My current direction seeks to combine traditional patterns, as well as modern objects, photography, typography and sounds. I always want it to feel like something that’s aged and old that’s been strangely taken over by things that seem alien, but contemporary to us – because that’s ultimately what this will be, taking old ideas and bringing them to light in the present day.

And it’s been a lot of fun, playing with pattern work and collage, rather than my typical illustrative style, to build the world’s and characters. I’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks, but heres a quick glimpse into my efforts so far.

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