We Have But Little Dust In Our Eyes


As the expanded outcome for my personal project experimentation, I created a 36 page publication designed to reflect the things I learnt during my short time at the Bristol Buddhist Centre. I wanted to create something where all the artwork was one thickness and as simple as possible, deliberately missing out certain details for effect. This was done in part to reflect Chinese markings and artwork, but also to appear almost like the drawing of a child, or at least someone naive seeking to learn something new.

The story follows a character who feels unsettled with his current way of life and goes on a journey of self-discovery, making a number of realizations along the way. The writing is designed to be both abstract but also very simple to understand. The writing was also set out to help lend itself to a number of different visuals and illustrations on the page, which allowed me to take a lot of creative liberties when piecing everything together.

The final piece was printed as B6 on 90gsm parchment paper, which gives it more weight and texture and feels really great to pick up and flick through. The rough surface of the paper also smudged and misprinted some of printer ink and allowed it to appear almost hand painted.

Response to this piece was really positive, despite being made in a very limited time frame. I’d love to print a small edition of these publications, but for now only the one exists. As I move forward with my project I’ll be taking my approach and designing choices from this publication to create something more interactive and digital. Exactly what, I’m not about yet.

The full story can be downloaded as a PDF for free.


Download PDF

One thought on “We Have But Little Dust In Our Eyes

  1. Daniel Roberts

    Lovely. A pensive, thought-provoking stroll through a simple yet charming style of prose.


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